"I didn't really know what to expect when I signed up to attend Giselle's workshop on working in media in the U.S. I was really quite impressed at her depth of knowledge on the subject. Not once did she skip a beat when answering questions from the audience. She was very conversational, very approachable and shared lots of personal stories which made the subject matter easier to understand."

- Nneka Elliott, Reporter/Anchor
Toronto, Canada

"Giselle Phelps returned to her Canadian alma mater this year to deliver a presentation on working in the United States. The information and insights she offered were organized, thorough and extremely helpful. I know that our students were grateful to her for sharing her experience, which has given her a unique understanding of the differences between the two broadcast employment environments of the two countries."

 - Suanne Kelman, (Retired) Associate Chair
Ryerson School of Journalism

Toronto, Canada 


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"Giselle's energetic personality and passion stand out from the minute you meet her! As a reporter and public speaker, she knows how to connect directly and clearly with a wide range of people." 

-Anthony Adornato, Journalism Professor 

Syracuse, New York


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